CPU Clock Utility


Adjust the CPU performance level on the fly



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If you want to know what's happening on your CPU and you want to take the control of it, RightMark CPU Clock Utility (also known as RMClock) is the lite GUI application which will allow you to control in real-time the CPU frequency, throttle and load level.

In fact, you'll be able to monitor the CPU frequency, throttling and load level as well as adjust the CPU performance level on supported CPU models.

It supports the most common CPU models such as AMD K7, AMD K8, Intel Pentium M/Centrino platform, Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon, Intel Core Solo/Core Duo/Centrino Duo platform, Intel Core 2, VIA C7 and Transmeta Crusoe/Efficeon CPU families.

CPU Clock Utility can detect any form of CPU clock throttling, it shows battery information display (general and per-battery) including real-time status display of the battery life time, charge level, charge/discharge rate etc, CPU core temperature display ,...

If you want to know everything about your CPU, you need CPU Clock Utility.
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